Edited by Anand T. Hingorani.

Gems From The Mahatma in 24 Handy Volumes

In Paper bag these books will be available for Rs 600/- and in Hard bound for Rs 1200/-

1. God is Truth
2. Food for the Soul
3. The Law of Love
4. The Science of Satyagraha
5. The Teaching of the Gita
6. The Message of Jesus Christ
7. The Law of Continence
8. Through Self-Control
9. The Role of Women
10. The Hindu-Muslim Unity
11. None High : None Low
12. My Varnashrama Dharma
13. Our Language Problem
14. The Village Reconstruction
15. Man vs. Machine
16. The Gospel of Swadeshi
17. Capital and Labour
18. My Theory of Trusteeship
19. Modern vs. Ancient Civilization
20. My Views on Education
21. Why Fear or Mourn Death?
22. Service before Self
23. To My Countrymen
24. On Myself