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Bapu - My Mother
"Have I not become your Mother? I have been father to many
but only to you I am Mother"
- Gandhiji to the Authoress
By : Manubehn Gandhi
Translated from the original in Gujarati by : Chitra Desai
First Edition : 3,000 copies, February 1949
Total : 16,000 copies
Price : Rs. 5/-
ISBN 81-7229-350-X

Printed and Published by :
Navajivan Publishing House, Ahemadabad-380014 India
Tel. +91-79-27540635 | Email:
Navajivan Trust, 1949

Bapu as my mother Meaning of sacrifice
Lessons of the Gita Extravagance is violence
Bapu's Punctuality Bapu's thoroughness
Bapu the miser Lover of cleanliness
Ramanama Importance of small things
Homeless Reception with costly garlands
Bapu's remarkable achievement Bapu's glorious birthdays