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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Ba : "I want to die in you lap, Bapu."
97. Ba : "I want to die in your lap, Bapu."
When first Bapu announced that he would keep some Harijans in the Ashram, Ba, being still orthodox in such matters, did not quite approve of this. And Bapu pleaded with her in vain. So one day Bapu, seeing that Ba was feeling greatly troubled in her mind at his decision, said to her, "If you feel ill at ease here, you can go to my sister Raliyatba, and stay with her. I shall send you seven rupees for your upkeep every month."
Whereupon Ba burst out, "Do you wish in this way to keep me away from you all my life? But I will never stay away from you. For, my one wish is to die in your lap."