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93. The way of the World
During 1942, in August, when Bapu and the other leaders of the nation were arrested all of a sudden, at the same time, Ba felt deeply sad. So while sitting in the waiting-room of the railway station in Bombay, in order to be taken to Yeravda jail to keep company with Gandhiji, she said feelingly to Dr. Sushilabehn Nayar, who was to be her fellow-companion, "Sushila, do you not hear the voices of the people outside? It appears as if nothing has happened at all. The country seems to be going on as before. If it is so apathetic how will Bapu be able to achieve Swaraj?"
With tears streaming from her eyes Sushilabehn replied, "Ba, but God is there to help Bapu. So in the end, all will be well."