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92. How could Ba ever bear it !
On the solemn occasion of the first anni­versary of the passing away of Mahadevbhai, in the morning, as usual, Bapu and party went to his samadhi and said their prayers and recited the Gita. But Ba, being very ill, could not go along with them and Manubehn was asked to stay behind with her. Whereupon Ba told Manubehn that if she did not join the others that day specially, she (Ba) would not feel quite happy. "So you too had better go there," added Ba, "and after bowing and placing the flowers on the samadhi and reciting the Gita, you can return here straightaway." She assured Manubehn that in the meantime nothing would happen to her. But Manubehn protested, "But, Ba, Dr. Gilder and Sushilabehn have instructed us that someone by turn ought always to be with you today. However, after they have come back from the samadhi, I shall go there and do the needful, as desired."
Ba rejoined, "But you can tell them that you have gone there at my bidding."
Accordingly, Manubehn went to the samadhi and joined Bapu and party in their ritual of remembrance of Mahadevbhai. When Bapu noticed her after the prayers, he said to her, "So you came up here after all. I am sure Ba sent you. Such is her nature. For, indeed, how could she bear that on this solemn occasion, you should not be present at the samadhi ? This only shows that Ba's sorrow at Mahadev's going away has not as yet been healed."