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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > "If Ba would not ear it, I will."
89. "If Ba would not eat it, I will."
During her last illness one day Ba said to Manubehn, "Make some sweet bread today. I would like to eat it. Ask Bapu if he, too, would do so." It may be, incidentally, stated here that Ba herself was an expert cook and she was very fond of inviting others to partake of her delicacies. But ever since Bapu took a vow not to cultivate or have any special tastes in food, her culinary art had been sadly neglected. Accordingly, Manubehn went up to Bapu and asked him if he would take sweet bread. Knowing that if Ba took the sweet bread, which is rather difficult to digest, it might have an adverse effect on her weak heart, he tactfully answered, "If Ba would not eat it, I will." Ba took the gentle hint and abstained, but all others enjoyed the special dish.