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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Bapu : "Ba is always sitting here."
85. Bapu : "Ba is always sitting here."
A few days after Ba's death, one day Bapu's morning meal was served to him at 11-45 a.m. instead of at 11-30 a.m., his scheduled time for it. Therefore, he said to the sister, who brought in the food, "We should all think that Ba is always sitting here. You know how she never served me food late, even by one minute. And if, being engaged else­where at the time, she entrusted the job to someone else, she saw to it that he also observed strict punctuality. And if by any chance he did not, she would reprimand the person concerned. Even during her last serious illness in the Aga Khan Palace, when she could not do any work herself, she always kept her eyes on the watch and had my food served up at the appointed hour. One day I just said to her, 'Here I have not to keep to time. So what does it matter if sometime there is some delay?' She at once answered, 'But I know that you always keep to time, even here. So why should there be any delay in the matter of at­tending to your personal needs?'"