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75. Ba in the footsteps of Bapu
During the 1930 struggle for freedom, after Bapu was arrested in Karadi, Ba continued his campaign and went about from village to village. This tired her out completely. So she went, along with Vanamalabehn to Maroli Ashram for rest. One morning after prayers, just as they were sitting down to breakfast, a telegram was received from Borsad, saying that Ba's presence was urgently required there. For, as a result of the no-tax campaign of the peasants, propagated by some of the women volunteers, the latter had been beaten mercilessly by the police. This had roused the indig­nation of the people. So Ba was called to sustain the peasants in the struggle. Accordingly, without even taking her breakfast, she began to pack up to go to the railway station to catch the first train to Borsad. But Vanamalabehn dissuaded her in view of her feeble health, and, instead, offered herself to step into the breach. Ba, however, did not pay any heed to her appeal and went immediately to Borsad. On arrival there, she first visited the wounded in the hospital, then she went about among the people. The doctors, seeing the strain on her, advised her rest. But she refused, saying, "In Bapu's absence I must stand by the people."