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74. Ba's mother-heart
Though Harilalbhai, the eldest son, often acted against the wishes of his father, still Ba had a soft corner for him and continued to feel concerned about him. For, as a Sanskrit saying1 goes, "A son may be bad some time, but a mother can never be bad." Even during her last serious illness the Government allowed Harilalbhai to interview her. This made her very happy, indeed. But when Ba learnt that he was to be allowed only once to see her, she was greatly displeased. So she said to Bapu with touching emotion, "What is this? Devadas is allowed to see me daily, but Harilal only once? Well, when I see the Jail Superintendent Bhandari, I shall ask him why this difference. Why should not poor Harilal be permitted to meet me daily?"
Bapu pacified her, saying, "I shall try to obtain such permission for him."
But, later on, when Bapu made inquiries about Harilalbhai, the latter had already gone away and he could not know anything further about his whereabouts.

1 कुपुत्रो जायेत क्वचिदपि कुमाता न भवति।