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71. How Bapu looked upon Ba
Once when Bapu went along with Ba to Ceylon, some people there mistook her to be his mother! Even the gentleman, who accorded them welcome on behalf of the public, thought so and introduced Ba to the audience at a meeting as such. Then, turning to Bapu, he asked, "Why did you not bring Kasturba along?"
Bapu replied, in the course of his speech, "The gentleman, who just introduced me to you, has made a small error. The lady, who is with me here, is not my mother, as he has told you, but my wife. But in one sense he is correct. For, it is years since, by mutual understanding and agreement, she ceased to be my wife and I, her husband. I have ever since then looked upon her as my mother. If men and women were to understand the meaning of all this, they would, I believe, be really happy. For, life has been given to us, not for our own enjoy­ment, but for the service of our fellow-beings."