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68. Ba - Innocent as a child
In 1943, after Bapu had broken his fast on March 3, one day, seeing an advertisement of the picture, "Bharat-Milap" in the news­paper, Ba and Sushilabehn began to talk about the cinema. Whereupon Sushilabehn suggested that when next they happen to be in New Delhi, they would go to see the picture, taking also Devadasbhai's children Tara, Ramu and others with them. "But if Bapu does not see it, how could I?" asked Ba. Sushilabehn answered, "Even then, the picture being reli­gious, Bapu will not object to your going there."
Hearing her grandchildren's names, a smile flitted across her face and she simply said, "All right, then."