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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Ba : "Bapu deserves it !"
64. Ba : "Bapu deserves it !"
On one occasion Mr. Polak was a little angry with Bapu over something. So he went about the house looking somewhat disconsolate. Ba observed this. She, therefore, said to Mrs. Polak in her broken English, —a smattering knowledge of which she had picked up in South Africa, where most of those who came into the house spoke English, "What the matter Mr. Polak? What for he cross?"
Mrs. Polak told Ba the cause of her hus­band's annoyance.
"What for he cross Bapu? What Bapu done?" inquired Ba.
Then Mrs. Polak related to Ba what had happened.
But Ba only exclaimed, "Oh, oh!" It seemed she was inwardly enjoying the fact that there was also someone else, beside her, who could be annoyed with Bapu.