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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Ba : "Everyday Bapu is up to some mischief !"
63. Ba : "Everyday Bapu is up to some mischief !"
During 1922-24, when Bapu was in Yeravda jail, Poona, once he asked the Superintendent to do something for a prisoner, but he was refused. So, in protest, he resolved thereafter to subsist only on milk. This he did for four weeks. Consequently, Bapu's weight went down to 90 pounds from 104. One day Ba and a few others visited Bapu. As Bapu climbed the stairs, Ba noticed that his feet were rather unsteady. Accordingly, she asked him the reason thereof. Knowing this, they all requested him to take to fruit, instead, and he agreed. The Superintendent, thereupon, as if in self-defence said, "I am not at all to blame in all that Mr. Gandhi has been doing."'-Ba, who had known Bapu's ways in such matters for many years, answered in her broken English, "Yes, yes, I know my husband. He always mischief!"