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61. Ba, an image of Non-violent courage
In the course of the Bardoli struggle in 1932, Ba was arrested and awarded 'C' class. Referring to this, Mr. Polak had some very harsh things to say about the Government's inhumanity in the Leader. Such strong writing, however, was rather unusual for him. In this connection Bapu recalled that, years back it was Ba's arrest in South Africa, which had made Sir Pherozeshah Mehta roar in indigna­tion in the Town Hall, in Bombay. "Something similar has now happened to our friend, Polak," he added. Thereupon Vallabhbhai remarked, "Truly, Ba is an image of non-violence. I have not seen any other woman like her. She is so humble, natural and easy in her ways, that one is simply amazed at Government's treating her so severely."
Bapu rejoined, "That is but true. But personally I consider Ba's courage to be her greatest attribute. And she has shown it stead­fastly from the days of the South African struggle till this day, even though at times like all human beings she is angry and envious."