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60. "No good and bad persons in Sevagram except..."
Often Bapu used to say, "Amongst the people, who have come into contact with Ba and me, more (people) have greater love for, and faith in, Ba than for or in me." That this was true was once corroborated in the following way. Once Shri Ghanashyamdas Birla went to Sevagram to meet Naraharibhai Parikh. While talking to Naraharibhai, he said jokingly, "In your Ashram here, I think, almost all of you are a little off your head."
"Even Bapu?" asked Naraharibhai somewhat in surprise.
Shri Birla replied, "Of course, he heads the list here. I cannot say, of course, anything about the inmates of the Sabarmati Ashram. But in Sevagram, barring Ba and Durgabehn, I do not see any other good and wise person."