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52. Ba believed in self-help
In 1928, a tannery was set up some distance away from the Sabarmati Ashram. One of the ashramites and a few labourers worked and stayed there. One day some dacoits raided the tannery and removed all the contents, belabouring some of the workers in addition. The workers, therefore, refused to stay and work there any longer. Thereupon Bapu decided that the ashramites will have to carry on their various activities without the aid of any outside labour. Accordingly, they went to the dairy the next day to work along with the manager there. Among them was also Ba. The manager, however, hesitated to assign any work to her. Now Ba observed this and so she said to him, "Why do you not give me some work? Is not, some fodder to be got ready for the cows?"
"Yes, but...," said the manager hesitatingly.
Thereupon Ba burst into laughter and straightaway started doing the job.