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49. Ba's fondness for games
During her detention in the Aga Khan Palace, in Poona, despite her failing health Ba would often watch Sushilabehn, Mirabehn, Manubehn, Dr. Gilder and Pyarelalji and others playing Badminton. And she would pull up the players if any one played any tricks. Once even she and Bapu played a game of Ping-Pong. But when Ba could not return the ball, served by Bapu, all had a hearty laugh. Ba subsequently, too, now and again, played this game, but she had to give it up before long because of asthma.
At night Mirabehn, Dr. Gilder and others would play carom. Ba took interest in this game as well and soon began to play it herself. She and Mirabehn would usually be partners and as Mirabehn was a skilful player, they would usually win the game. However, if any time they lost the game, Ba would feel some­what sad. Therefore, the other players secretly decided among themselves to let Ba win even­tually every time, so that her sadness may not adversely affect her health. She grew so fond of the game that even during her last grave illness, the carom-board would be taken near her bed and she would watch others playing the game. And whenever Mirabehn won, Ba, who formerly used to be her partner, too, would consider the victory as her own, and whenever Mirabehn lost, vice versa.