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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Ba's attitude towards the Brahmanas
47. Ba's attitude towards the Brahmanas
Ba considered, according to the orthodox notions, Mahadevbhai's sudden death as ominous, as it was the death of a Brahmana. Now among the sentries on duty in the Aga Khan Palace, there was a Brahmana, who cooked food for Ba and Bapu. To him Ba would often give from her own share, some fruit and milk. This made the other sentries jealous. And so once they complained to the Superintendent of the jail against this special treatment of the sentry concerned. Thereupon the Superintendent asked Ba to discontinue her practice. But she refused saying, "I give the cook out of my own share. What have others to do with that?" She had, indeed, a soft corner for the Brahmanas. Later, one day Ba said to the cook, "You are a Brahmana, so tell us when we shall be released." The poor Brahmana simply answered, "I shall consult the astrological chart and almanac and let you know."