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46. Ba - Mother of Harijans
Though it took time to change Ba's orthodox attitude towards the Harijans, yet after persistent persuasion on the part of Bapu, she eventually looked upon them, too, with limitless love and sympathy. So, when Bapu adopted Lakshmibehn, a Harijan girl, as his daughter, Ba showered all her motherly affection on her, as is evident from the following incident.
When Sushilabehn went to the Ashram for the first time in 1930, Lakshmibehn was there. After a few days' stay there Sushilabehn returned home. Incidentally one day, one of her friends asked her cynically, "Did that Harijan girl in the Ashram make friend with you?"
"Which Harijan girl?" queried Sushilabehn, somewhat surprised.
"The one whom Mahatmaji has adopted as his own daughter."
Only then it was that Sushilabehn realized that Lakshmibehn was a Harijan girl. For, so well, without any sense of discrimination in the least, had Ba been treating Lakshmibehn. In fact, Ba showed special love and considerateness to the workers among the Harijans like Manibai, Khandumama and others, whom she often used to remember even during her detention in the Aga Khan Palace. More, whenever any reference to the Harijans was made in conversation or discussion, Ba would say, "After all, we all have been created by God. Therefore, to have the feeling of being high or low is quite wrong."