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44. Ba's love for Khadi
Once Ba hurt one of her toes. So she thought of putting a bandage around it to en­sure protection against further harm. However, just as she was about to do so, a sister brought her a bandage, made of fine mill-cloth, saying, "Ba, this will be softer and also it will wear better. So please use it instead of the Khadi bandage."
replied, "No, I will use only the Khadi bandage. And even if it is extremely rough, it will not hurt me."
How strange! For, there was a time, though it was long long ago, when Ba never fancied Khadi. But as in so many other things, she was, out of her abounding love for, and abiding loyalty to, Bapu, in the end, recon­ciled to the wearing of Khadi.