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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > "She has even brought about a quarrel between us !"
40. "She has even brought about a quarrel between us !"
In Sabarmati Ashram it was a rule that every inmate should wash his own clothes with the quantity of the soap, allotted to him. But the womenfolk found the budgeted quantity insufficient for their needs. Now if they complained, that would be like protest­ing against the rule. So they eventually decided upon sending a petition to Bapu, request­ing him to increase the soap ration. To this end, they approached Ba, too. She at once signed the petition. When the petition was presented to Bapu, and he saw Ba's name in it, he said, pointing to the sister who headed the deputation that called on him with it, "She has even brought about a quarrel bet­ween Ba and me!"
Eventually, however, Bapu sanctioned the increase in the monthly soap ration.