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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Bapu : "Ba has simply to be obeyed!"
39. Bapu : "Ba has simply to be obeyed !"
Once Bapu stayed for some time in Maganwadi, Wardha, to help in placing the work of the newly-started All-India Village Industries Association on a proper footing. Now it was a rule of the community that all the necessary household chares would be done by turn only by the inmates. One day the cleaning of the pots and pans fell to the lot of Bapu and Kumarappaji. However, as soon as Ba came to know of this, she ran up to them and remon­strating said, "Have you two gentlemen no other work to do? You have so many other important things to do; then, why not do them, leaving your present chares to some of the other people?"
But Bapu only laughed and continued doing his chares. This made Ba more angry. So straightaway she wrested the pots from Bapu's hands, leaving only the cocoanut-shell's fibre-mop in his hands!
Whereupon Bapu remarked humorous­ly, "Kumarappa, you are indeed, fortunate. For, you have no wife to rule over you. But for the sake of harmony in the home, I have simply to obey Ba. So you will please excuse me if I let you have Ba as your partner in doing the present job."
Bapu then washed his hands and feet and left Ba and Kumarappaji to finish the chares.