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35. Bapu : "Ba's courage is endless."
During his 1933 fast, in Yeravda prison, Poona, Ba was allowed once to visit Bapu for fifteen minutes. When she arrived there, he was sleeping on a cot. She went up to him and touched his feet, and then gently and with a smile she reprimanded him, "I see that again you are up to your old game! When the permission to visit you was granted to me by the Government, my first impulse was not to avail myself of it. Then I thought, that to do so would seem rude. After I had my bath, however, the Jail Superintendent informed me that till then he had not received the Government order to let me stay with you. But, he added, he could bring me to you, though only for fifteen minutes, as you happen to be staying in the European ward. Thereupon, I said to the Superintendent, In that case, you should not have brought me here at all.' "
This answer of Ba met with the approval of Bapu who, it being his day of silence, indi­cated it with a nod of his head.
Bapu then inquired about several of the women workers like Premabehn and Durgabehn and others, and Ba gave him all the information about them. Ba continued, "When we were released, for a moment we thought we would break the law again on reaching Ahmedabad and offer ourselves for arrest. But most of my companions did not quite relish the idea, because they were eager to meet their families." Ba told him a few more things besides.
As the interview was about to end, Bapu wrote down on a piece of paper, "Keep up your courage. Do not come again, if it is to be only for fifteen minutes. Remember me to all the sisters. God will protect me. Do not feel anxious."
Ba replied, "Of course, God will protect us all and you. But you had better give up your fast soon." She then bid good-bye to Bapu.
After she went away, Bapu wrote on a chit, "Ba's courage is, indeed, inexhaustible", and passed it on to his companion, Mahadevbhai.