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30. Ba's Gift
Once an inmate of Santiniketan visited Sevagram. As he was about to go away after taking leave of Bapu, who had graciously accompanied him as far as the gate of the Ashram, the guest heard someone calling out to him. And as he turned back his face to see who it was, he discovered that it was Ba. So he went up to her and inquired if she wished to say anything to him. In reply, she only gave him a packet, saying, "Here is something for your long journey to Santiniketan. Perhaps, you know, that Bapu has been for sometime experimenting with a new kind of yeast bread. I have baked one with my own hands for you. Let me know, however, after you reach Santi­niketan how you relished the bread." In return, to express his heartfelt gratitude to Ba for her motherly concern for him, once agair he bowed reverently to her.