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23. Ba - The one great attraction of the Ashram
Ba was the one central attraction of the Ashram. This was due to the fact that she looked after the visitors and inmates very affectionately and attended also to their particular, personal needs. Furthermore, within a short time of her meeting any one, she would gather enough information about him to make him feel, as if he were her own kin. She often disregarded even some of the Ashram rules for the sake of the comfort of the guests, for example, serving tea to Mr. C. F. Andrews and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, coffee to Rajaji, when such drinks were generally not permitted. And if any time Bapu gently protested against all this on the plea that she was spoiling them, she would retort, "You have no right to lord it over others. But you can do that to me." Again, not seldom would Rajendra Prasadji, Motilalji, Maulana Azad and other leaders after they had finished their particular business with Bapu, go up to Ba for a friendly chat, though Vallabhbhai would just play with Kahana, Ba and Bapu's grandson. For instance, Maulana Saheb would inquire after her health, Jawaharlalji would tell her something revo­lutionary. And if any time he said goodbye to her only with folded hands, without saying a word, she would feel rather worried and straightaway ask Bapu pointedly, if he had said anything to displease him, because at the time of going away Jawaharlalji looked somewhat sad. Bapu, however, would simply laugh it out saying, "It appears you are also becoming moody like Jawaharlal. However, this time there was no difference of opinion at all between us."
Thus, Ba was the pivot for every one's love and friendliness.