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19. Ba in Bapu's Footsteps
In 1929 Bapu went to Banaras. There the orthodox Hindus were up in arms against him. At a public meeting, which he was to address, therefore, there were great disorder and com­motion. Ba heard about this. At once she got up to go to the meeting. So Devadasbhai and Jawaharlalji got into a car with her. On the way, the car was intercepted by an unruly crowd. Thereupon Jawaharlalji got out of the car and elbowed some of them out of the way and they dispersed. But the whole road was so densely crowded that Ba got separated from her companions. In the meantime, someone brought the news that stones were being hurled at the meeting. Forthwith Ba exclaimed, "How can I at all stay away from the meeting, where Bapu is present and the people are throwing about stones?" And instantly she rushed to the place of the meeting and, lo! there, by Bapu's side, stood Ba!