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14. Ba's Non-attachment
Once someone, who had joined the Ashram only lately, referring to the rule against the drinking of tea and coffee, (since these, as it was believed then, were harmful for one's health) asked Bapu in the course of conversation, "If this is so, then, why does Ba take coffee?"
Immediately Bapu answered, "But you have no idea of how much Ba has already given up. This is the only luxury or habit which she has. Were I to compel her to abandon even this, then I would be a tyrant indeed." In the end, however, Ba gave up of her own sweet will even the habit of coffee-drinking. But, alas! the newcomer had not realized that in the course of her long life of compa­nionship with Bapu, Ba had cultivated the spirit of non-attachment, non-possession in things, both big and small, as an art. Bapu, of course, was fully conscious of her exemplary self- abnegation.