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115. Such was Ba's nature
A month and a half after Ba's death, Bapu had an attack of malaria. One day he said to Dr. Sushila Nayar, "It is good that while Ba lived I did not have fever. Otherwise she would have sent away every one of you to serve me, without any thought for her own needs."
Dr. Sushilabehn answered, "That is quite true. But I think Ba would have gone still one step further. She would have herself attended on you, notwithstanding her own illness."
Bapu, thereupon, said in a voice tremu­lous with emotion, "Yes, such is Ba's nature."
Then presently he corrected himself and added, "What 1 meant was that such was Ba's nature."
"But for you even today," rejoined Dr. Nayar, "Ba is alive. She is not dead."
"That is also true," Bapu replied.