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114. A Householder's Ordeal
One day, after Ba was no more, in the course of conversation, Bapu said to Dr. Sushila Nayar, "What a strange but happy coincidence that in her last moments Ba sent for me, placed her head in my lap and passed away!"
Dr. Nayar replied, "Yes. But, Bapu, from all this it is evident that, though out­wardly Ba might have at times been displeased with you, in her heart of hearts she had bound­less love for, and devotion to, you. I have, indeed, not heard of or known any other instance of such exemplary relationship."
Inwardly feeling as it were blessed by Ba's abounding love for him, and rejoicing that his life as a householder had been a success because of her, Bapu said, "That is but too true. As a matter of fact, among us such visible demonstration of love between husband and wife and their loyalty to each other is rather uncommon."