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107. God's name, the only panacea
Two days before her death, Ba suffered very much and every now and then she called out, "O God!" So often Bapu would sit on her bed, as she found some relief by resting her head on his shoulder. Sometimes he even said his prayers in this position. One day, however, he did not leave her at all. To comfort Ba there was continuous singing of hymns and chanting of the Holy Name. This was punc­tuated, however, with her periodical cry of pain, "O God!" Thereupon Bapu said, "It seems now the only medicine left for Ba is God's name. So all other treatment should be stopped. Personally, I would wish her to have only water and honey and no other food of any kind, unless, of course she herself asks for something special. I have no faith in medicines, as such. Even when my sons were seriously ill, I never administered any medicine to them. I have, however, made an exception in the case of Ba. But today she herself seems to be disinclined to take any medicine. Only God's name appears to give her some respite from suffering. This is, indeed, a touching sight and after my own heart. If it is God's will that she should survive, she would; otherwise He would take her away and I, too, would then let her go."