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104. Ba's concern about Bapu's fast
During his detention in 1942, Bapu once thought of sending a letter to the Viceroy, intimating his intention to go on fast if the Government did not stop its violence against the people. Ba, getting wind of this, said to Bapu, "You may, if you so wish, write the letter, but please do not mention in it anything about your inclination to fast." At this Bapu burst into laughter.
One day Sarojini Devi, seeing Ba somewhat worried, said to her, "Do not, please, worry. Bapu says that he will not fast, unless God gives him a definite directive and he hears the inner voice to this effect. I am sure God will never tell him to fast." Ba replied, "But I am afraid Bapu will all the same take it that God does wish him to fast."
At this time Bapu used to wait on God every day for half an hour to know His will in the matter, while Ba after her morning ablutions, would worship the Tulsi and pray for Bapu's long life.