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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Bapu : "I cannot keep Ba away from me."
102. Bapu : "I cannot keep Ba away from me."
In 1942, when Bapu was in correspondence with the Viceroy about the current situation in the country and was planning to go on fast, in the event of absence of any satisfactory understanding between the Government and the people, he spent most of his time in contemplation. So one day Mirabehn said to Ba, "These days what Bapu needs specially is seclusion. So, perhaps, we should build a separate hut for him under the mango tree."
"No," replied Ba, "there is no need for a hut. For, Bapu can experience aloneness and quiet anywhere."
Hearing this, Bapu added, "Aloneness or solitude apart, I do not want, far less desire, to keep Ba away from me, particularly when she is not keeping well.