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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Ba's observance of fasts and festivals
101. Ba's observance of fasts and festivals
Ba always observed zealously the various fasts, mentioned in the Hindu calendar. She was never known to have missed any. On the contrary, if some time three or four fasts fell in succession, she kept all of them. The religious festival of Makarsankranti fell during her last illness. So Ba said, "Please get some sesame and make sweet balls and distribute them among the prisoners."
Bapu, however, replied rather in a vein of criticism, "That will not be proper. For, we are not staying these days in our own home. Such things can be done only when we are at home."
Ba thereupon rejoined, "But there is no home-going for me!"
Ultimately, however, on the morrow, the sweet sesame balls were made and Ba herself, seated in a wheeled chair, distributed them among the inmates of the jail.