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100. A Little Argument
Ba's last detention in the Aga Khan Palace rather told upon her health, specially because Bapu, she and the other leaders had been so suddenly swooped down upon, and also this time, unlike on previous occasions, they were not informed how long they will be detained.
Once, when she was somewhat seriously ill, Ba said to Bapu in a little ruffled tone, "Did I not tell you not to pick up a quarrel with the mighty British Empire? But you did not pay any heed to me. And so now we all have to suffer. But how long will the poor people be able to withstand the immense power of the Government?"
At first Bapu tried to argue with Ba in the matter. But finding that she was not in a mood to listen to any argument, he eventually asked her if both she and he should tender an apology to the Government.
Ba retorted, "Why should I ask any one's pardon?"
Bapu then inquired of Ba if it was her wish that he should write a letter to the Viceroy, seeking his pardon.
Ba, who could never bear any insult to Bapu, answered somewhat angrily, "Do you mean to suggest that young girls should go on rotting in prison, while you seek the Govern­ment's pardon? Well, now there is no other alternative but to continue to suffer. Mahadev's life has already ended in prison. Next it will be my turn."
But Bapu remained silent.
After a few days Ba said again to Bapu, "Why do you want the British to quit? Let them remain, as ours is a vast country, but, of course, as brothers and not as rulers."
Bapu replied, "That is precisely what I have been telling them."
Next day after having fully appreciated Bapu's point of view, Ba said to Dr. Sushila Nayar, "These British people, you see, are very bad. Bapu wants them to stay on in India as brothers, but they will not. They want to lord it over us. That is why Bapu and the other leaders have been clapped into jail."