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10. Bapu's Satyagraha in the house !
In South Africa Ba once suffered from haemorrhage. She was, therefore, operated upon. But the trouble returned after some time. Bapu then tried hydropathic treatment. This, too, did not prove of any avail. Finally he asked her to give up salt and pulses in her diet. Thereupon Ba retorted, "But even you would not give up these two articles of food if you were so advised."
Bapu replied, — to quote from his Auto­biography: " 'You are mistaken. If I was ailing and the doctor advised me to give up these or any other edibles, I should unhesitatingly do so. However, from today, without any medical advice, I give up salt and pulses for one year, whether you do so or not!'
At this decision of mine she was rudely shocked and exclaimed in deep sorrow: Tray forgive me. Knowing you, I should not have provoked you. I promise to abstain from these things, but for heaven's sake take back your vow. This is too hard on me.'
'It is very good for you to forego these articles. I have not the slightest doubt that you will be all the better without them. As for me, I cannot retract a vow seriously taken. And it is sure to benefit me, for all restraint, whatever prompts it, is wholesome for men. You will, therefore, leave me alone. It will be a test for me, and a moral support to you in carrying out your resolve.'
So she gave me up, saying, 'You are too obstinate! You will listen to none!' And she sought relief in tears."