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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > BA AND BAPU > Ba's unusual capacity to bear suffering
05. Ba's unusual capacity to bear suffering
Once, when Bapu was staying in Johannes­burg, Ba suffered from bleeding. A friend in Durban suggested an operation. But she was too weak to withstand the effects of the chloro­form. However, ultimately she agreed to have the operation, even without the chloroform. Referring to this Bapu said one day to Mahadevbhai, "At the time of the operation I stood a little away from the operation-table. I was trembling. The surgeon's knife was at work. Ba's face visibly showed how much she was suffering. But not even once did any cry of pain escape her lips. I could not bear the pain­ful sight, though outwardly I went on asking Ba to keep up her courage."
Thereupon Mahadevbhai observed, "It was, indeed, a miracle of human capacity to bear suffering."
Bapu rejoined, "Yes, anyone else in her place would have raised such hue and cry. But Ba showed exemplary calm and courage."