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Last Words of Mahatma Gandhi
A few days before his death by assassination on 30-Jan-1948
Quote No.1. I believe in the message of truth delivered by all the religious teachers of the world. And it is my constant prayer that I may never have a feeling of anger against my traducers, that even if I fall a victim to an assassin's bullet, I may deliver up my soul with the remembrance of God upon my lips. I shall be content to be written down an impostor if my lips utter a word of anger or abuse against my assailant at the last moment.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 324

Quote No.2. Have I that non-violence of the brave in me? My death alone will show that. If someone killed me and I died with prayer for the assassin on my lips, and God's remembrance and consciousness of His living presence in the sanctuary of my heart, then alone would I be said to have had the non-violence of the brave.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 101

Quote No.3. I do not want to die... of a creeping paralysis of my faculties - a defeated man. An assassin's bullet may put an end to my life. I would welcome it. But I would love, above all, to fade out doing my duty with my last breath.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 327

Quote No.4. I am not aching for martyrdom, but if it comes in my way in the prosecution of what I consider to be the supreme duty in defense of the faith I hold ... I shall have earned it.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 562

Quote No.5. If anybody tried to take out my body in a procession after I died, I would certainly tell them - if my corpse could speak - to spare me and cremate me where I had died.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 766

Quote No.6. After I am gone, no single person will be able completely to represent me. But a little bit of me will live in many of you. If each puts the cause first and himself last, the vacuum will to a large extent be filled.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 417

Quote No.7. I do not want to be reborn. But if I have to be reborn, I should be born an untouchable, so that I may share their sorrows, sufferings, and affronts leveled at them, in order that I may endeavor to free them and myself from that miserable condition.
- The Last Phase by Pyarelal, Vol. II, p. 324

Quote No.8. Assaults have been made on my life in the past, but God has spared me till now, and the assassinís have repented for their action. But if someone were to shoot me in the belief that he was getting rid of a rascal, he would kill not the real Gandhi, but the one that appeared to him a rascal.
- The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, by R.K.Prabhu & Rao, p. 9

Quote. No.9. If I die of a lingering illness, nay even by as much as a boil or a pimple, it will be your duty to proclaim to the world, even at the risk of making people. angry with you, that I was not the man of God that I claimed to be. If you do that it will give my spirit peace. Note down this also that if someone were to end my life by putting a bullet through me - as someone tried to do with a bomb the other day - and I met his bullet without a groan, and breathed my last taking God's name, then alone would I have made good my claim.' (This was uttered on the night of 29 January 1948, less than twenty hours before he was shot.)
- The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, by R. K. Prabhu & Rao, p. 9

Quote. No. 10. My uniform experience has convinced me that there is no other God than Truth. And if every page of these chapters does not proclaim to the reader that the only means for the realization of Truth is Ahimsa, I shall deem all my labor in writing these chapters to have been in vain. And even though my efforts in this behalf may prove fruitless, let the readers know that the vehicle, not the great principle, is at fault. - M. K. Gandhi
- Selections from Gandhi, by Nirmal Kumar Bose, p. 238