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Anecdotes of Gandhi

[Abridged from the book, 'This Was Bapu']

Compiled by : R. K. Prabhu

First Edition : July 1954



Printed and Published by :
Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 (INDIA)

© Navajivan Trust, 1954




  A Dream of Death

  The Salt of Life

  A Birthday Message

  Is the World getting better?

  Mahatma and The Capitalist

  In Buckingham Palace

  The Power of the prayer

  Violence preferred to Cowardice

  "Price of freedom is Death"

  "Bande Mataram"

  Like the True Yogi

  Postman before Premier

  Origin of 'Gandhi Cap'

  Harijan Seva

  Iqbal's Tribute

  Power of Silence

  A Humiliating Spectacle

  "Nothing Too Small For Him"

  Prayers Against Atom Bombs

  "More Beautiful Than All Ornaments"

  The Gandhi 'Talisman'

  A Rebuke to Students

  'Liars All'

  Gandhi and Thoreau

  An Object-lesson in Ahimsa

  An invitation to commit Harakiri

  Who are the 'Unclean'?

  Gandhiji and The Communists

  "Non-violent" Honey

  Origin of his Lion Cloth

  "They deserve the crown"

  Duel with a Doctor

  Bapu The Miser

  A Namashrudra's Faith

  A Pataudi Story

  He wouldn't copy

  The Troublesome Tooth

  A British Nurse's Taunt

  Bapu Apologizes

  With The Lepers

  The fallen sisters

  "I am still a student"

  A Tragedy

  Experiments with uncooked food

  Origin of Mass Prayers

  Mahatma Gandhi's Courtesy

  In the Lion's Den

  "The Prince of Beggars"

  An Early Example of Bapu's Ahimsa

  An Ideal Prisoner

  The "Half-Naked", "Seditious Fakir"

  All over beef tea and salt

  Gandhi-Romain Rolland Meeting

  "Stabling Truth"

  Lessons in Journalistic Ethics

  Some Typical Letters of Gandhiji

  Gandhiji's Favourite Hymns