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Name: Paulson
wrote on Apr 02 2008 22:23:14

Gandhiji's life proved that there is god inside human . The Godly man has allready renunciated the wordly desires . Nobel prize is nothing in front of this man of truth........

Name: Shyam Lala Prasad Singh
wrote on Apr 02 2008 19:29:19

Gandhiji (Mohan Dass Kramchand Gandhi) is our Bapu. He is an imortal image in the world. I am agree with Dilan Perera Nobel Prize for Peace should be RENAME or World biggest Peace Prize should be started GANDHI PEACE PRIZE, because Gandhi given Nonviolence weapen to the world like Alfred Nobel.

Name: Karan Chadha
wrote on Mar 24 2008 22:02:02

mahatmaji's real nobel would be our practicing of his depends on us but at last.................we will be very much more prized by this.

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