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Name: Ravi
wrote on October 02, 2011 04:17:00

Mahatma Gandhi is revered the world over as an Apostle of PEACE and NON-VIOLENCE. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are classic examples of the Gandhian spirit that influenced people across their regions. The Nobel Prize could only be a token recognition compared to the title of MAHATMA acclaimed by millions of his admirers. I cannot even recollect the names of Nobel Prize winners for Peace, barring Henry Kissinger. I remember Henry because his nomination for Peace was controversial and questionable. India should institute a Mahatma Gandhi Peace Foundation and recognise leaders across the world who promote genuine peace and non-violence in their regions. Burmese Aung San Suu Kyi is one example, besides our home grown Anna Hazare.

Name: Debesh Kanungo
wrote on October 02, 2011 03:17:05

Gandhi was not awarded the Noble Peace Prize, a right decision by The God through the Jury .He is one & only one of it's kind .He should not be among the thousands of Noble Laureates. Special person like him should be one .He has a separate entity as not being one among thousands Noble Laureates .Sacrificing was one of his instruments to deal with many problems ,so he is The Great & will continue to be The Great in the minds of people of the world . God might thought that Gandhijee deserves more than a man made Noble Prize so kept him separately with a God made prize that is his fame world over.

Name: Mohinish Deepak
wrote on March 19 2011 02:22:10

It would have been an honour for the Nobel Peace Prize itself if it had been awarded to the Mahatma But then since it was not awarded to him and rightly so otherwise it would have been like showing light to the mighty sun Gandhiji was a social scientist a godman just like buddha and christ who renounced all material comforts and realised that all sentient beings are his own manifestation Awards and honours are meant for ordinary men not for a saint like bapu.

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