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Non-English words with their meanings

Ahimsa: non-violence

Amla: the Indian gooseberry

Amti: a liquid dish of vegetable and pulse, a kind of soup

Arhar: a kind of pulse

Aryan: of the Indo-European stock

Atta: flour


Bhakari: thick hard bread

Brahmachari: one observing continence

Brahmacharya: continence


Chakki: a grinding stone

Chamar: leather-worker, classed as 'untouchable'

Chapati: flat unleavened bread

Chatni: a paste of cocoanut kernel, chillies, tamarind, salt, etc. ground on a stone —

Chhatak: 2 ounces (oz.)

Chula: an Indian stove


Dahi: curds

Dal: pulse

Dalia: porridge

Dasyu: an outcaste

Dhenki: a wooden contrivance for pounding rice

Dudhi: a white pumpkin


Ghani: an oil-press

Gur: jaggery


Hakim: a Muslim physician

Himsa: violence


Kadai: a frying pan

Khoa: dried milk


Masala: condiments


Nakli ghee: imitation ghee

Neem: the Indian margosa tree


Roti: flat unleavened bread

Ragi: an Indian millet


Sadavrata: a religious daily distribution of food to mendi­cants, a place where it is done


Tava: an iron pan for baking cakes

Til: sesamum


Vaid: a Hindu physician

Vanaspati: hydrogenated oil, vegetable ghee