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I am a sixty-two years old and have read 'Gandhi' for many years. He is my Mahatma for non-violence and conflict resolution. As a child of the "60's," he amazed me with his teachings and beliefs that strogly held his philosopical mind and gentle faith. I will continue to read and learn from him as the teacher he will always be. Sincerely, Ginny Bracknell.

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I wish to thank cordially all people who work for this peace seeker site. I enjoyed your matters all and I LLOOVVEE the greate Gandhi, Father of all pacifists of the whole history. Good Luck and I wish you achieve success. Yours Sincerely A. B.

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I have translated two books on Mahatma into farsi (Gandhi and Stalin by Louis Fischer and Ganhi, a life by Krishna Kripalani) and some other artcles on him into Farsi and have gotten so much useful information about Gandhi's thoughts and works.
This time I was searching about Romain Rolland and Soumindranat Tagore. then I found a good article about Rolland's endeavours to close Lenin and Gandhi.
THANKS A LOT. Yours, Gh. Keshani

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We always respect the great legend for his thoughts and philosophies which has been said & taught by my father and I also liked to create the same feelings in the minds of our future generation. this media helped us a lot. thank u once again for your wonderful service.
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