The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi | Louis Fischer | Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan | Rs 125.00

Written by a journalists who has covered various wars, including the World War II, and the developments in Russia and other Asian nations in the earlier decades of this century, this book was published by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan as a part of Bhavan's Book University. The book deals in detail with various aspects of Gandhi's life and various anecdotes that give a better insight into the leader's thought process.

Mahatma Gandhi: A Chronology | K. P. Goswami | Indian Govt.'s I&B Ministry | Rs 100.00

Besides listing the main events in the personal and public life of Gandhiji, this chronology refers to his utterances commenting on the events or interpreting his actions. These references are given under respective dates and in direct or indirect form as found convenient. Where specific dates are not available, the month and the year has been mentioned. The volume will, it is hoped, prove useful to research workers and laymen alike.

Mahatma Gandhi | B. R. Nanda | Oxford University Press | Rs 150.00

Described as the best short biography of the Mahatma currently available, this book has been written to be enjoyed by the general reader. It both exhaustively documents the events in Gandhi's lives as well as reveals the contours of his thoughts.

The Life & Death Of M. Gandhi | Robert Payne | Rupa & Co. | Rs 195.00

In his own consummate skill, Robert Payne re-creates Gandhi both as a spiritual and historical force and as a living personality in this book. He has made special mention of Gandhi's friendships with Rajchandra, Tagore, Gokhale and Romain Rolland. Tagore's former private secretary Dr Amiya Chakravarty, who had worked with Gandhi, said, "I would place Robert Payne's book on the level of a great novel by Tolstoy, swiftly moving, panaromic, writ on the canvas of destiny and of close historical characterization.... It is one of the great biographies. No finer account of Gandhi's life and death has been written."

Gandhi-The Writer | Bhabani bhattacharya | National Book Trust, India | Rs. 70.00

With a rare sensitivity and insightful scholarship, this book takes us on a fascinating journey into the inner workings of Gandhi as a writer. Gandhi's growth as one of the most influential personalities of modern times is matched in no small measure by his growth as a prolific writer of considerable influence. The book charts the influences and circumstances that made Gandhi wield his pen with felicity and purpose and the impact his writings made on Indian literature. As a study by one who is himself a distinguished writer, this book acquires a special significance and is an important addition to the body of writings on Gandhi.

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