The Mind Of Mahatma Gandhi | Compiled by Prabhu & Rao | Rs. 100.00

This book will be an essential help for understanding Gandhiji's mind to those who are searching for meanings of truth and non-violence, apart from several questions that come up in one's life. The compiles. have tried to explore the mind of Mahatma Gandhi by elaborating his thoughts on truth, non-violence, satyagraha, faith, non-possession, trusteeship, Brahmacharya, freedom, democracy and several other similar aspects. The significance of the book is that it was published in 1945 in the presence of Gandhiji.

All Men Are Brothers. | Compiled and Edited by Krishna Kripalani | Navjivan Publishing House |
 Rs. 40.00

This is essentially the cheaper edition of UNESCO's own publication "All Men Are Brothers.", which is a great collection of writings of Mahatma Gandhi. The handy volume, representing the life and thoughts of the Mahatma as narrated in his words, was compiled specifically for UNESCO. After UNESCO taking the initiative to publish this, Navjivan Trust, which owns the copyright of all such information, decided to publish this cheaper edition for Gandhi's followers. in India.

Nature Cure | Edited by Bharatan Kumarappa | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 5.00

This book contains a valuable collection of Gandhiji's thoughts on nature cure and is indeed as rich in its information as it is constructive in its outlook. India's former prime minister Morarji Desai said, "I commend this book for serious study by all those who are interested in cure of ailments through natural remedies."

Satyagraha In South Africa | By M. K. Gandhi | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 15.00

Gandhi's original writing in Gujarati on his satyagraha movement in South Africa was translated in English by Valji Govindji Desai. Gandhi had himself edited the final version. He had then said that anyone who was following his weekly chapters. of My Experiments With Truth could not afford to miss this book on satyagraha.

Selected Works Of Mahatma Gandhi (Set 1 to 6) | Mahadevbhai Desai | Navjivan Trust | Rs. 150.00

This entire set of books, edited by Shriman Narayan, was first published to commemorate the Gandhi birth centenary year in 1969. It can be a useful collection for those who are keenly interested in the study of Gandhian thought on difference aspects of life. The books, translated by known Gandhians, deal with the Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi - My Experiments With Truth - in two parts, Satyagraha in South Africa, The Basic Works, Selected Letters. and The Voice of Truth.

Self-Restraint Vs. Self-Indulgence | By M. K. Gandhi | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 50.00

Like religion, the conflicting and debatable issues of birth-control, vices, sex and chastity are beautifully brought out in this book. This book is an excellent representation of Gandhi's views and information on his own practices on these issues.

My Religion | Compiled by Bharatan Kumarappa | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 40.00

Another collection of Gandhi's thoughts and writings, this book deals with Gandhi's treatment of a sensitive issue like religion. The book focuses on leader's own definition and practice of Hinduism and how he respected other religious thoughts.

Epigrams From Gandhi | Compiled by S. R. Tikekar | Indian Govt.'s Publications Division | Rs. 90.00

This collection of epigrams proves that Gandhi, who had always advocated the use of Indian languages, has enriched the English language too to a great extent. He has contributed richly to world thought. Spread over 186 pages, the book is like a ready-reckoner on Gandhi's thoughts on various issues.

Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule | Edited by Anthony J. Parel | Cambridge University Press | Rs. 125.00

Hind Swaraj is Mahatma Gandhi's fundamental work. It is a key to understanding not only his life and thought but also the politics of South Asia in the first half of the twentieth century. For the first time, this volume represents the text of the 1910 edition of Hind Swaraj and includes Gandhi's own Preface and Foreword (not found in other editions) and annotations by the editor. In his own introduction, Anthony J. Parel sets the work in its historical and political contexts. He analyses the significance of Gandhi's experiences in England and South Africa, and examines the intellectual cross-currents from East and West that effected the formation of the mind and character of one of the twentieth century's truly outstanding figures. The second part of the column contains some of Gandhi's other writings, including his correspondence with Tolstoy, Nehru and others.. Short bibliographical synopses of prominent figures mentioned in the text and a chronology of important events are also included as aids to the reader.

India Of My Dreams | Compiled by R. K. Prabhu | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 30.00

Gandhi's vision of India has been presented through various forms. Several passages have been presented in this book, giving the reader an idea of the parts in which he expects a completely free and independent India. The book was first published in 1947, while the great leader was still alive.

Journalist Gandhi | Compiled by Sunil Sharma | Gandhi Book Centre | Rs. 15.00

While very few people know in detail the contribution of Gandhiji to journalism, Sunil Sharma recognized the importance of his writings in `Harijan', the newspaper of which he was the editor. The writer screened through the paper's pages to highlight what the then readers. came to know and how they responded to the central political currents of the industry.

Moral Basis For Vegetarianism | By M. K. Gandhi | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 5.00

A small booklet, it deals with various issues like food values, unfired food, the need for research, vegetarianism, abstaining from various foods, liquor and drugs, the moral basis of vegetarianism, daily diet and minimum diet. This again is a compilation of Gandhi's writings.

Mohan Mala | Compiled by R. K. Prabhu | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 10.00

This book presents to the reader the essence of Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of life in the form of rosary of 366 "Pearls of Thoughts" - one pearl for each day of the year, including the leap year - gleaned from his writings and speeches. The pearls have been so arranged as to make the transition from one thought to the next as smooth as possible, thus enabling the reader to make use of the rosary either for daily contemplation of the given thought or for continuous reading at a stretch.

Truth Is God | By M. K. Gandhi | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 12.00

Reproducing verbatim, the book presents Gandhi speaking from his heart on various occasions in the course of 30 years. of the maturest period of his life. In Rajaji's words, "Any one who desires to understand what sort of man the Father of the Nation was, must read this book."

Gandhi On Women | Compiled by Pushpa Joshi | Navjivan Publishing House | Rs. 125.00

While the role and importance of women in various aspects of life is being duly acknowledged only now, Gandhi had been highlighting these through his various speeches and writings in the first half of the twentieth century. This compilation by Pushpa Joshi of over 400 clippings and speeches highlights various thoughts of Gandhi on western women, comparison of man and woman, Muslim women, education for women, women's sacrifices, infanticides of girls, widow remarriage, child marriages, women reformers., self-rule through women and dowry.

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